While on the Search…

As some of you may know, I have been interviewing over the last week since my latest change in works.

I do research on the job itself which sometimes I have applied or it was refered to me from a head hunter or friend and then get to the company finally the person who will be calling or I will be doing the interviewing with.

I came across this word today philanthropist:
means “the love of humanity“—love in the sense of caring for, nourishing, developing, or enhancing; humanity in the sense of “what it is to be human,” or “human potential.”
In modern practical terms, it is “private initiatives for public good, focusing on quality of life”—balancing the social-scientific aspect emphasized in the 20th century.

I liked the meaning a lot and it surprised me how much more excited I am now to talk to this person after reading something she had in her twitter description.

On the job search!

On the job search! Watch for NYC recap soon too!

The job journey will continue! Now by tonight’s event, I truly will be a philanthropist for the team will be having over 250+ advertising, students and exciting people attend the Ad 2 event tonight! Watch for that recap next week!


See you at Minne* on Saturday?