Nacho Mama

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13. That means your mom, any new mothers, (including three of my best gal pals and their 3 sons) should be celebrated all the way up to those hip-old Grannies, (my Nanny Carole and Nanny Joan of course).

my mom on the lake

My Mom Candee with her daughters Trina (My younger sisters) and Me

To follow-up on my May Day Basket social post for the Cedar Floral Design Studio. By the way, did you LIKE them yet? They are at 32 Likes just 5 days after delivering the May Day baskets to total of 12 local businesses resulting in a possible 32,000+ impressions.
The Like stat is a bit lower than what I had expected, but for a small locally owned flower shop this is very good. Lets face it, I’m not working on a National brand right? Now that we have hit past 30 Likes, Facebook activates the insights panel. That means one can now get all nerdy with the insights, impressions and amount of reach including an analyse of the demographic that is currently Liking the page. Waiting at least 1 week to generate the insights works best, and even 1 month is even better.

Facebook Live Comments So remember your MaMa on Sunday, a new Mother (whom could even be your wife) or that is a friend or family member and to share the love with not only flowers (from Cedar Floral Design Studio) but to make them feel special and thank them for their hard-work and love.

nacho mama,
your mn design gal 

Not a Mother- they aren't mine

Steve and Kael (3 weeks old), Caden (6 mos old) not my kids- my best friend’s boys.