Busy is not my excuse –

How often do you see someone that has their status on the google chat or instant messenger marked as busy.

You wait a while and walk away from the computer and come and look and it’s still marked as busy.

Then you realize it’s always marked as busy

Now, what do you do?

Type “hi” even though it always says “you may be disturbing this user”

Send them an email instead of messaging thinking that a quick question over IM will bother them or awkwardly show up on the big screen during a WebEx to a client.

Walk by their desk to see if they are really there at or if they are just pretending to work while surfing Mashable or have left their desk for the day.

The truth of the matter is I have been busy and so busy that I haven’t been able to write a blog post since the last time I made fish at home back May. Remember the Tilapia post? That’s what made me write a post tonight- because I cooked an incredible piece of Salmon. It was the piece that it had a beautiful seared crust and the flavor was mouth-watering it almost tricked your mouth you were at that sea-side restaurant you paid $50.

Things are great. (Thanks for asking.) And speaking from experience, if you see someone that has the busy status on for more then a few hours, they probably are busy but not busy enough to say hello back or answer a question. It’s OK to check-in on a friend that just got a new job and they haven’t reported to you how it was, or it’s summer and you think they are always busy going to the lake. Still invite that person to your BBQ, email them, text and better yet call them.

What’s your definition of getting busy?

On that note, good night and I promise not to be a stranger,
your mn design gal

busy talking at Olson this year at the nonprofit event for Ad 2 MN