The Right Move

Some of you know me as that Bemidji State graphic design grad. Others know me as the talented digital marketer with an eye for design. Several of you worked with me in the past freelancing as a production artist and designer. Handfuls of you remember me as your art director intern. My most recent colleagues know me as the front and center person as Creative Services and Social Media guru… now my title is Account Executive.

I accepted an offer with The Lacek Group before the summer and now I have been there for almost 6 months as their sole digital account executive that works with the most recent agency of record brand to join this Minneapolis advertising agency and loyalty marketing company.


I have learned throughout my career that most jobs are scoped-out based on a particular resource, through a pre-determined budget and the title is just something that sits with that salary range and HR posting until it finds the right candidate.
It may surprise some of you with the title change, and others may be saying to themselves “I knew she would make an excellent one I tried to get her to work for me at one time as one!” 

In my particular job description is focused on content development and management and the digital channels along with day-to-day account services to the eBusiness area of the company and anything that has to do with online. For this client they are mostly advertising in print and want to be mostly digital in 2013. That means that transition will be in place and they needed someone who knew both- (along with someone who doesn’t mind taking-charge, high-volume pressure, leading the unknown, database designing, strategy, email campaign expertise and has some agriculture background).

How do I like it thus far? — is usually the question someone asks when they hear you have a new job. Well of course I like it! (Would you ever say something otherwise? The director of my account may be reading this right now. Hi Evan!)


20120913-155025.jpgThe Lacek Group is located on 3 of the top floors and the 3rd in the Oracle Building downtown. My agency is actually owned by Ogilvy. Yes THE Ogilvy. In 1948, David Ogilvy founded the agency that would become Ogilvy & Mather. Starting with no clients and a staff of two, he built his company into one of the eight largest advertising networks in the world. Today it has more than 450 offices in 169 cities, and I’m in one of them.


Instagram of my office desk one of my first weeks.

Mr. Window-Washer Man. How you doing?

The account side is much different from the creative side. Why can’t I have access to the Creative Share? If my client’s projects are on there, wouldn’t you want to be able to quickly pick up your PDF’s, do a legal change and grab links to send to the client without disturbing those hard-working creatives? (I have had to come up with my own filing system for images and work so can be handy)

Meetings. Meetings. Meetings.
I’m scheduling them. I’m in them all day and now I have to take notes before, during and after them and pay attention the entire time. What—? Creatives just listen when they hear their name.

Conference Calls. Client Calls. Status Calls.
I’m on the phone at least once a day and sometimes for hours at a time. I have my own conference line…

Resources. Kick-off’s.
Do you have your resources? Who are my resources? Did your resources change?
The creative team is referred to as a resource. My copywriters, designers, developers are now not only part of my team, they are my precious resources.

Some people have candy at their desk. I have beef jerky.

SharePoint. Excel. Project. Oh My!
Now, I think I’m probably the only AE that has the Adobe Creative Suite and Flash on my computer, but those are over shadowed by these three heros, SharePoint, Excel and Project. You have probably seen my short-lived adventure as an Interactive Project Manager, where my heart wasn’t fulfilled due to hours in Project rather than the Creative Suite. That was 3 years ago and I have been able to dive into these –once cursed– programs and understand the value they hold. (I still do my own re-sizing of images for clients and Indesign is where I like to type out my own notes and concepts.)

My first package at work as the digital producer account executive. A new book. (Still have to read)

Another thing I notice is that the Account Executives don’t drink that much. I feel like I should be drinking more with the stress, thousands of questions a day, longer working days and anxiety.

Being the 3rd hire of this team of 30+ people team, I have been able to see the impact others have on an agency and have been able to see how people handle new stress in a new environment.


Glad I have been able to share my new job news and appreciate all the kind words and encouragement from all of you!

Keep smiling,
forever your mn design gal — now account gal