Wedding Planning Begins (?!$#)

Well, the Holidays have almost come to a close (one more Christmas today), and my mind is on wedding planning! You will be able to help this MN design gal.

I’m just starting the reception venue process and need your help finding design gal inspired venues that have all or some of my first-thoughts:

-Original and Unique (like me, well, I’m sure every other bride says this)
-Lots of Architecture and Views (why be stuck in a black hole for 5 hours?)
-Location doesn’t actually matter, Minneapolis or Stillwater, Northern MN or Wisconsin… this gal is open
-Priced for a budget
-Venue must be inside with outside options (Come on it’s Minnesota and don’t need Mother Nature stress)
-Eat. Dance & Be Married!
-100 people + (numbers are still being calculated but small closest friends & family)

Round tables in a classy room? Lights matter...

Round tables in a classy room? Lights matter…

Is it a night club location or event center?

Is it a night club location or event center?

Vineyards in Stillwater?

Vineyard side?

Look forward to your suggestions and thoughts! Send me a wedding venue tweet to: @MNdesignGal and I will retweet and blog about my top picks.

Also, once vendors get secured I will post them on the

Wish me luck starting the planning process… because your along for the ride readers!

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