10 Trends Shape the World in 2013

This morning I attended the annual 10 Trends that will Share the World in 2013 and Beyond, presented by Ann Mack, Trend-Spotting expert from JWT. It was sponsored by The Advertising Federation of Minnesota and at their monthly breakfast event. I kept my notes raw for you below, so you can see how I interpreted the 30 mins presentation by Ann. It was nice I actually walked in with her and got some one-on-one since it was the 3rd time we had met. She works and lives in NYC and laughed at how early the 7:30AM breakfast was and how lovely the weather was in Minnesota of course. (smart sarcasm) I admire her presentation skills, style and down to earth personality.


Read through or skip to my hashtag follow and get a snapshot #10Trends13.

1. Play as a competitive advantage
At unstructured time
Driving seeking balance
75% feel like there is always something coming at them
So lets play as a competitive advantage.

Act as Catalysts for play

Image Source is Pinned from Maddi Price

Pinned from Maddi Price

2. Super stress era
Now what?
2/3 hospital visits are due to stress
300 billion dollars
45% more stress than a year ago

3. Intelligent objects
Smart Fabrics, geek to chic!
Gen Z
Sports wear
Grocery smart carts whole foods
RFID- tags on clothes

4. Predictive personalization
Each min of each day, 2 million searches on google.
Me-centric consumers
Harder than ever before to reach us.
Market to individuals
Transaction more personal
Integrate data analytics
Watch out privacy –
Win over with benefits.

5. Mobile fingerprint.
Currently 1 billion – 2 billion 2015
Create smart-centric experiences and support
As I load more personal data 63% are concerned

6. Sensory explosion – engaging the senses
Driving 64% crave experiences
Experience things rather than
Cut through the clutter!
Prefer experiences over things
Harris’s toy kingdom
Augment reality
Powerful Disney Bandaids
Make messaging and packaging more memorable

7. Everything is retail
Worlds colliding
More demanding retail environment
More demanding consumers
I see it. I want it. Let me learn about it, BEFORE I buy it.
Window shopping and purchases after hours.
Make shopping faster, simpler and easier

8. Peer power
People are sharing everything!
We are trust strangers (don’t tell the kids).

9. Going Private in Public
Privacy control of shifts away from the individual
Friends are also
59% teens I try to keep parts of my life private, but my friends share everything.
I wonder where that photo will go?
The rise of reputation management
Actions and attitudes will be online
Social commons
Profile management
Rise in Facebook alternatives
Path App

10. Health and Happiness: Hand in Hand
More optimistic people are 50% likely to have heart attack
Happiness diets, modern American diet is making us “Mad”
Brands- Walgreens, corner of happy and healthy


Had some great interactions today on the feed after the event too. (@TheLacekGroup was myself RT’ing to show the #BigData content piece, but that still counts right?)


You may have remembered last year’s post, or you can compare the trends by reading more.

Stay smart and remember you won’t learn without the effort to attend events, listen to smart people and shake (and many cases I hug) friends and peers.

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Pictured here a recent non-profit event held locally at the U of M that I spoke at.