JT 20/20 Vision Spotlight

Most of your know one of my favorite people in the world other then my parents and Jennifer Aniston is Mr. Justin Timberlake.

Today is a quick tribute to him #justbecause. Featured here on Jimmy Fallon.


He says it opened a huge door in his career when he starred in The Social Network. No mention to the Mickey Mouse Club? Justin talks with Matt Lauer just on Tuesday. Read and Watch Now, name dropping and panty dropper he is.

Listen to the the Justified reference at the end. Did you need a refresh of this album?


TKO just was released this week now of his new album. Have you heard?

His full version and part II is out on September 30th folks. Read More and Order Now.

tko no text

Justin recently got married to Jessica Biel. Pictured here on their Wedding Day in 2012. 1 really good decision he says… Great interview with him and Ellen shortly after.


I’m lucky enough to have purchased tickets and will be attending his concert here in Minneapolis in February 2014. Are you going too?

Hope this entertained you and made you laugh a bit. Justin is the man, and I’m sure I will need to continue to add to this post. Gosh I missed so many, send me your favorites and I will add with your comments.

See you soon JT!
Your MN Design gal