Good-Bye to My First Ever Domain

It was the early 2000’s and I was a digital graphic design student and was eager to launch my first ever website that I coded in HTML. was the domain I picked and so excited to have for the rest of my life. I remember picking that because I always knew my last name would change but loved my initials.

My email was and that was just silly having my name twice in a row tricia@tricia what was I thinking! I remember shortly after getting a few years under my belt and wishing I would have been more trendy with or like all the other cool designers and shops were doing.

Carrie bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City. Notice the Apple is upside-down still back then.

But today I have finally came to the conclusion that this domain and identity is no longer needed. I searched for it one last time and found also my first-ever Twitter account name of course @Triciajsdesigns.

My first-ever tweet:

just finished my ad2 HH/Speaker outline… the ’09-’10 season will be a great success I can feel it! July 15, 2009

Lets take a look and go down memory lane a bit shall we?


triciajsdesigns3 triciajsdesigns2 triciajsdesigns4

My social content was around finding a job and my volunteer work with Ad 2 and Ad Fed of MN. I would be candid about dating (just like Carrie Bradshaw of course) and was on the job search and was vocal about that. Too bad hashtags were around then because #JOBS #HIREME #WILLWORKFORSUN would be my most used hashtags.

I realized that Twitter wasn’t about a business or had to be the same as your URL. It was an identity that was just yourself. That is when @MNdesignGal got started.
Location + Passion  Gal 

The gal came from Carrie Bradshaw and her famous 1st ever email. Can you tell that Carrie’s writing career and style influenced me during this time? 

see me?

The website domain has to go because I’m not paying GoDaddy for forwarding and keeping an email going that I don’t use. After years of still being able to see my design work that I hosted on there for years it finally doesn’t show up in my search anymore.


The Twitter handle I can’t part with just yet. It may live on for a few more months or even years or maybe I can use that creditability of those 106 faithful followers and just change the handle for my daughter’s name one day, or even my own agency.

It was nice to take a spin down memory lane and remember how passionate I was to be in advertising, have a full-time position and how much I loved my Ad 2 volunteer work and was very candid about my dating life.

Until we meet again,
your mn design gal