Engaged then Married the Same Day Story

What would you do if you were proposed to and your wedding day was all in the same day?

  • Would you run?
  • Would you un-accept the proposal after learning about the wedding day surprise?
  • Tell the groom your crazy because you’re not even on Pinterest.
  • Be SO happy that it was your childhood dream?

This concept worked for a couple that had been together for almost 5 years. The video is below and feel free to watch it at any time because I got to experience their story this weekend.

The Pinterest board that was done by the bride wasn’t a success, it must be taken down or blocked because I couldn’t find it anywhere online. Only a few photos of the couple that bloggers posted to gain traffic to their boards.

Amanda Leak Pinterest


Where I get confused on this story is, how did that mermaid dress fit so perfectly? What if she was plus or minus a good 5 lbs before the wedding? (that can happen easily we are women).

And what about the “I Love You” in the car on the way to the proposal? There is no way that a woman would be able to go 5 years from being asked out to not hear those words… right?

I’m guessing it isn’t made up but that is the exception to the rule that a woman wouldn’t push the ego of a man or leave them all together to hear those 3 words.

The TODAY show has a write-up of an interview and in that the groom says, “She already knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and that we wanted to get married someday,” Leak told TODAY.com about the wedding, which he says took him roughly a
year and a half to plan. “I asked her to write down everything she wanted on a sheet of paper: What are we wearing? Who is invited? Who is officiating? She wrote it all out for me a year before I even started thinking about planning.”

So she did see this coming?
Probably not that day, but she had it on her mind that it would happen one fine day.

Does knowing this make this story less exciting? Unfortunately yes, but it’s still a nice 30 minute fill-in time to watch and be entertained by.

It really cracked me up when the 2 ladies at the Hotel catch the groom off-guard and he spills the truth to the camera crew following them. I wonder if he actually regrets doing that because that element of surprise was for sure slightly taken away from him by doing that.

Well, I’m glad I’m not going to be proposed to and married on the same day. My Pinterest board dress would be tricky since there isn’t one consistent style (and my wedding dress style isn’t even pinned).

pinned wedding dress

Some of my favorite wedding inspirations come from:
thedazzlingdetails.com and Pinterest boards

idea for picture and wed



Another blog and Pinterest account I enjoy is:
stylemepretty.com or Pinterest boards
Style me prettyRemember you can always search within the source too when others pin things from the site. Like this URL >>> http://www.pinterest.com/source/thedazzlingdetails.com/

Keep on dreaming and pinning though ladies because you never know what your story may be and the last thing you need is a fake not up-to-date Pinterest board to stir him wrong.

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