My Wedding Dress

A simple wedding spotlight on THE DRESS.

I purchased my wedding dress on Valentine’s Day 2012. This dress spoke to me a few weeks earlier when I tried it on with my mom and sister in-store at Posh in Wayzata, MN. I remember trying on about 3 others at the store, but when I came out in that one I literally danced around in it. It is designed by Novia D’art, a Spanish designer. Marie actually no longer carried this designer in her store due to some of the Midwest bridal styles that were much more popular.

In the wedding process this is actually BEFORE Steve and I actually had narrowed our wedding down to Cabo, Mexico. It just felt so right though! I was slightly in denial after leaving there and Mom even suggested we go back to the store that same day and try it on again. We didn’t go back that day, I just needed to think.

Marie, the fabulous store owner, stayed in touch with me over Twitter and DM’d me a week after being in store with my mom and sister asking about my dress search. She then spilled to me the sample sale that was coming up on February 14, just a week away.

Trina and I made our way to Posh that romantic Holiday, I didn’t tell anyone, not even Trina that we were going back to Posh to try on the mysterious dress again. When I got into it and the sample size 16 got pulled tight, it felt so right. Knowing the sale was just today too, we popped the champagne and within 30 minutes I had said, “Yes to the Dress.”

Yes to the dressIMG_0878


Knowing the dress would be a working progress and it was a sample I negotiated my alternations to be included in my dress price. This insured me that I would be happy with not only the fit but the results of taking this designer gown down from a size 16.

The next step is just to wait. Posh let me keep the dress in-store with their team until my first fitting which was in June. Then after a few months I went in-store for alterations at Amazing Alterations in Anoka, MN.

I met Brenda, the owner of the shop and was very excited to continue the alterations with her. She was very passionate about her job, clients and best fit. I would highly recommend her shop. My alterations were to add a simple heart neckline and get that dress to fit me like a glove.

The final fitting came around and I got to include my 2 cousins Kate and Beth to be part of the excitement. My auntie Kara, Mom and Trina joined again too.

bethkate_me_indress weddingdresswKaragirlsmomtrina


This style has been trend over the last year and it has been making it’s way from Europe to the states. Monqiue Lhuillier has featured designs on her website and print ads this year to keep the trend going. Also some supermodels sported the dress on their big days. It’s referenced as a “mullet dress” in one article, which is actually pretty entertaining to me to even think about!

I have taken a chance on destination wedding appropriate high to low and won’t regret this unique and fabulous trend… yet.

High to low 1Monique L homepagehigh to low around the worldSuper model trendmullet? maybesupermodel high low


Moving forward with the wedding day, it was 80 degrees and we were in San Juan Los Cabos at the Hyatt Ziva Resort.

My mom helped me put my wedding dress on while Trina took pictures of the moment and my bridesmaids were close in toe.

All photos below are taken by: 507 STUDIO Photography

IMG_6422-24 IMG_6358-19 IMG_6356-18 IMG_6346-17Shoes1_webbracelet_webmagic 3


Hair shot by 507 STUDIOTricia_Steve_1stLook_507STUDIO_7x10IMG_6534-42dip on wedding dayThanks Team Tricia Bridal Gown for making my dreams come true! 

Tips on shopping for bridal gown from this MN bride’s perspective:

1. Go with your closest sister or friend and MOM if she is also a best friend the VERY first time you try on dresses. It will make a lot of sense to do this with them and make for incredible memories.

2. Try expensive bridal stores and try on dresses way over your budget. They may have samples or sales on one kind in-store that they don’t advertise or tell others about, you won’t know and then you can narrow down your styles.

3. Don’t feel bad that all the bridesmaids can’t come or are not invited to the shopping trips. This one was hard for me but in the end, only my sister and Mom knew my dress style in Cabo and it was an incredibly fun and great surprise for all!

4. Stick to your budget (within $500). In my case, my veil was only $20 (YES that is correct, I had shopped a sample sale after wedding season) so that balanced out my budget for $100-$200 for that and I added it to my dress expenses.

5. Small shops will allow for negotiation, but ONLY with the owner. Remember the women that help with the dresses are nice but they don’t make $$$ decisions so look up the owner before going to the store and look for her to deal with when it comes to the price.

6. Ivory and White are different in every dress. I went in with my dress shopping knowing white would be too harsh with my light skin. It didn’t matter if that high to low dress was gray, purple or black, I was in love with it! (Ok maybe not purple)

7. Don’t regret anything.

8. Do buy your dress within 9 months, but not 2 years. Too many friends get engaged and buy the dress that same week. Research, think and ENJOY the experience with your mom and closest friends.

9. Size doesn’t matter. Seriously size doesn’t matter. It’s your alterations studio that will be your best friend and make it fit perfectly if off the rack or bought too big or even (don’t do it) too small.

10. Alterations are expensive so plan for it– or negotiate them part of your dress cost.

Happy dress shopping!

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