Valentine Gift (well sort of)

The husband sent me a link and was super excited to show me something he found on social media this week. It was a Facebook contest that had a prize of FREE EYE SURGERY. Free? Is that too hard to believe.

Well, after a glass of wine and thinking further about the best part of way to market myself to possibly win this… that was to show the first year ever that I had my glasses– then the posting went live.

Valentines Day gift 5th grade

Please take a minute to VOTE for this 5th grader with glasses and braces so that my dream of Lasik Eye Surgery can come true this year. (And Steve can get out of the dog house for such a socially-driven none romantic gift).

Contest ends Valentine’s Day so that is only leaves Thursday to vote (on your desktop computer) because the Facebook app isn’t compatible with mobile devices (even though over half of Facebook users are on mobile.)

I’ll leave you with pictures of this MN Design Gal in glasses over the years… the memories.

Pinneditlivedit Pinneditliveditgoogle glassGlasses GalshoulderpadsSeptember_lookTricia_onmacwork

Did you vote yet? Please, for real, then tell your neighbor at work to do throw a vote in too.

Then share with your Facebook friends. It’s good karma. Trust me.

Tricia jo