Lasik a Second Time

#LeftEyeLeanger was my self-proclaimed nickname after leaving Whiting Eye Clinic last week—I had an eye enhancement just 4 months after my 1st Lasik Eye Surgery procedure.

I was part of the 4-5% of all Lasik patients that have to enhance right after the surgery.

Leaving the office 24 hours after the 1st surgery with 20/15 makes it a bit confusing, but my left eye was lacking -.75 of my prescription.

There has to be a 3-month break between surgeries, so I had this one on the books just 2 months after learning about it.

You would think someone would be just more prepared the second time—I was the opposite. I learned about the some of the risk (which is only 4-5%) and also thought about all the time I had worked so hard with my drops between the 1st surgery empowering my eye to heal properly.



 Arriving the 2nd time for the same procedure, I was then told it will be a lot shorter due to not having to recut the again. Well that is good I guess…

Dr. Whiting found my “flap” quickly and uncomfortably quickly tapped a little bit in my eye to mark where it was. He told me that was the most awkward part of the surgery after he did it of course.

While laying down listening to 80’s Rock music I found myself shaking, and not to the music! The nurse could tell I was nervous so we talked about TLC and how my new name will be #LeftEyeLeanger, of course I added the hashtag.

It was just 10 seconds of starring at a green light, while the room was dancing with color, and poof it was done.

I went home for my usual 5-6 hour nap and woke up 20/20 overall.

I predict my Right eye will need a tune-up over the next year, but I am going to give myself the Summer for a nice break to decide.

Still lovin’ the overall results from the surgery—my odds were just a little bad the first time. Hopefully I took your spot in the statistic, so you don’t have to do the surgery again. But if you are recommended to enhance—keep up with it and enjoy your 20/20 or even 20/15 vision!