Shake it up!

Just have to take a minute to share my latest Summer obession—the yard game Jackpot (aka YAHTZEE!)

dicegame FullSizeRender drop
It’s a simple handmade wooden dice game made by a talented Mom of 3 in Minnesota. Her little mobile store is called Simple Charm.

Here is the breakdown on how this specific dice game set compares to the others:

– SOLID Cedar wood

– There is NO chemicals, wood stains or treatment put on the dice (AKA kid-friendly!)

– The bucket is included to shake and store easily

– Includes reusable score sheet for up to 6 players

– Easy to carry, the set is not heavy like some woods and holders could be

I highly recommend using this at the next family event or backyard party. It also may become my newest housewarming gift for friends! (shhhhhh)

I didn’t realize how popular this game really was until I Google’d it. Here are some comparable, more expensive, yard dice sets.


Crate and Barrel get fancy, $59.95 + Shipping







Snack Eyes Yard Dice may have your eye, but the price is $49.99+




Roll the dice folks and support locally made when you can! If you reach out to Holly via Simple Charm for that $35 cute dice set…tell her hello for me.

And remember to never cross-out your YAHTZEE folks!