Judge at the Shelf

Think of going to the bookstore—do you judge a book by its cover? Well “depends on the book” will probably be your answer. But it’s true, I know I do.

When scanning the magazine shelves at the check-out, think about the words, pictures and color that is screaming at you. The mag editors know 1 out of 5 people love Jennifer Aniston or Taylor Swift and that well sex still sells.

What I have learned over the past year is that the product packaging design and hierarchy strategy is extremely important. It really sets your product up for success! The product must stand-out on the shelves to be sold, and the product must be something that the consumer is excited and proud to buy, ideally over and over again. Depending on the audience, Millennials and Gen Y think differently than Boomers, so it matters what it says in the fine print too.

IMG_5467 IMG_2395

The message hierarchy on a product is crucial to the success of the packaging, because too much messaging sets up your design for an epic fail. Think about if GLUTEN FREE shouted at you before you even knew what the product was or what you were shopping for.

Ideas that Kick, the branding agency I work at, is super talented at finding ways to challenge the current packaging hierarchy and introducing solutions that will kick the competition off the shelf, literally.

Starting with the company operations is key to any business success. If you can’t keep up with the demand or the quality of the product—you are set-up for failure, no matter what the name or what it looks like.

So go ahead, judge that book by its cover. Grab that frozen pizza out of the freezer at Cub that has a new look, or throw in that box of granola that has beautiful packaging that makes you smile—give the brand a shot. Then follow-up with reviewing it, sending positive or constructive feedback, I may be working on it and would appreciate your feedback!

Always looking out for your brand,