Consumer Packaged Goodness

Do you drive to the grocery store and think to yourself, how fast can I get in and out of there as quickly and efficiently as possible?

That is the exact opposite of this gal.

I am a marketer that takes in the entire shopping experience from start to finish.

Did you notice this week’s FSI?

How about the new in-store take-over messaging above your head while grabbing your cart?

Like the new end cap feature between the coffee and cereal aisle?

Did Campbell’s really just launch a K-CUP Soup brand and have it in 3 places in-store?

Why have I not ever seen this Rachel Ray brand before—am I part of store-test or is this really a new thing?

IMG_7816FullSizeRender 6


I have been part of a talented team where we managed several projects from concept to the retailer shelve. The entire experience and the many hands, ideas and logistics that goes into making it big into  big box stores. Each store has their industry traits and insider info to learn. Most have huge excel sheets to fill in product info after selling it in to the buyers, others just need the crate of product and an internet generated UPC. Stores need in-store rail-strip product photos and web images (with two totally different strategies) to be delivered within a blink of an eye. Will they create and manage the printing process of the POS? Did I budget for this or factor this in with the price per piece?

Participating in trade shows, buyer meetings and even an intense sales blitz session, really opens this marketer’s eyes to the entire CPG world.

Starting on the design side and now working with brand strategy, makes me surely that well-rounded marketing creative.

So next time you walk into your favorite store to just grab a 1/2 gallon of soy milk, or are discouraged by your endless Sunday shopping list, take a minute and experience the consumer packaged goodness!

your MN Design Gal