May Flowers…

Moving through the Spring cleaning motions: weed-picking, branch-busting, deck-staining, closet organizing—thoughts of selling your home come right before Summer. This being my second Spring and soon to be Summer in my home, I can tell why people may get the itch when the buds start to grow to sell!

spring flowers on hawthorne spring flowers on hawthorne 2









People’s reasons for selling and then buying again are numerous, but they mostly relate to life transitions and changing needs.

Top 5 reasons for selling right now:

1. Want to be in a different neighborhood (40%)
2. Need a home with different features (28%)
3. Need a bigger home (22%)
4. Want location with better weather, views, and/or lifestyle (19%)
5. Need to lower cost of living (17%)

blooms blooms2








Enjoying our Spring Snow Crab Apple Blooming Tree early May!

I don’t think I will be able to throw the sign in the front yard quite yet—I just got my kitchen the way I have wanted… (also stay tuned for that photo-filled blog post)

Remember to stop and smell the tulips, buds (or roses), 
Tricia jo 






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