The last two years I have immersed myself in cereal boxes, dog food brands, k-cups, beanbag chairs and talented creative people.

My final days at Kick I reflected on the learning of packaging re-brands, new product development and successful account strategy.

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Rewarding? So much!

I have been able to help the local Minneapolis nonprofit People Serving People have a brand refresh and strategic website approach to spotlight their amazing mission. Kick was able to lead an online and social media audit to help craft messages, which led to revamping the newsletter and many collateral items. We introduced Jay Larson to this nonprofit as the lead photographer to stock-up their high quality images that showed emotion and breath of services. It makes me smile and understand how important it is to do awesome things for incredible local nonprofits.

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Bone Broth anyone?

Changing the way the consumer drinks from their Keurig machine, along with the innovative-fresh shelf appearance made Lono Life one of my favorite clients going into the second half of my Kick career.

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Every wanted to own an Emoji Bean Bag?

Emoji Time

Kick led the naming, branding, all online engagement, web and community management for this Walmart exclusive brand.

  • 6 week launch = over 15K likes and active community engagement
  • Reaching close to 500K people
  • With 62K total post engagement increasing week after week
  • Our posts are getting 30 shares organically on average // Most Facebook pages at 3-5 share on a post
  • Average “LIKE” price is at 7 cents // the industry average can be 90 cents to well-over one dollar
  • Product continues to sell reaching over a million dollars

Emoji picture

Did I mention I met Lucky Dog’s host Brandon McMillian while at Kick?

I attended a handful of out-of-state pet conferences that featured the best brands in all things pet food, pooper-scoopers, training balls, collars, toys and so much more. I also met a lot of awesome entrepreneurs and brand marketers.

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Did you know my 2nd week at Kick I visited a Dog Bone Manufacturing plant in California?

I learned about the process of making dog bones from human-grade materials also about the entire packaging process on the assembly line. This was in result to better lead a few dozen of bone projects and brand strategies for private labels and new brands that went into SuperValu, Target and Walmart.


Did you know that I was part of more photo shoots starring dogs than for products or humans?

I have made so many furry friends and collaborated with amazing clients the past two years that I just had to show a few of them.


On-location in Wisconsin with Cargill client. We had a great day with over 15 animals on-set!




IMG_5790 IMG_5142


IMG_2192IMG_2333IMG_0135 dog_photos

Remember next time you pick up your favorite product, there is a full team behind the design and brand strategy.

I am thankful for my years at Kick—Mary and Stefan seeing something in me to help continue to grow their business and partner with their amazing clients.

Need a shelf-kicker idea? Call Mary and Stefan from Ideas that Kick of course!


Until we meet again…more to come!
Tricia Jo