Master Bedroom Wallpaper Accent Wall Reveal

Inspiration comes within. Or within Pinterest! 🙂 I knew my master bedroom needed something to centralize the king bed on the wall and make this gray box come to life. Every time I search for a master bedroom color pallet it reaches for blues. It’s calming, dreamy and my favorite color. I also love the calmness of a topical oasis, but need to keep in mind the masculinity of my master suite.

But showcases, new fan light, dreamy shades and new Crate and Barrel headboard.

My current furniture is a bit more mid-century with dark black lines and I wanted to soften that up a bit with this new accent wall.

After making my first ever wood panel wall together on the main floor. (Another blog post I’ll post later and update with a link to it). I decided I wanted to add a softer feel behind my bed and opt for a wall paper choice that would leave my husband happy and me inspired and feeling good!

Shopping for wallpaper can be fun and totally overwhelming. Are you doing it yourself? Are you buying online with a return policy? If you buy in-store is there a re-stocking fee? What’s the timeline for it arrive? Is it pre-pasted or not, is it peel and stick?

So I contacted a recommended painter/wallpaper guy and he directed me to the Hirshfield’s in Wayzata, where they have an on-site wall paper lady. Mary was lovely and highly recommend her. I actually send HER my pinterest board and she pulled books for me prior to arriving that channeled the masculine tropical vibes in Navy and Blues.

Upon choosing a wallpaper, make sure you measure AND the wallpaper installer measures or advises. You are at the mercy of the installer’s choice on waste and experience, which equals the amount of rolls you need to buy. In my case, Mary from Hirshfield’s was incredibly educated and knew the installer I was using too.

In the end I bought almost $600 in unpasted wallpaper rolls—that IS NOT INSTALLED yet. My validation of spending this, was my master bedroom doesn’t have much art or wall space to spend any more money on it, other than get new night stands, so my budget for design was purely for this project.

Install costed another $550-ish and it was over a half day’s work for the installer.

My headboard is from Crate and Barrel and it is super soft and velvet actually. It plays off well with our Room and Board Outlet 8 drawer dresser.

Bedspread is new from Wayfair. While staging homes we love white bedspreads and I kept going back and forth on color and texture, so decided white 100% cotton is breathable and can pump it up with some accent pillows. Done and Done.

Other master bedroom must have’s?

A full length mirror. I tried to get away with not having one for a year, and it didn’t work. So this one fits perfect as a transition from my closet to bathroom and the lines are modern and simple. This was purchased at Schneiderman’s, after seeing prices upwards of $1500 at Room and Board and some of my other favorite store. Can’t link to purchase the mirror to site, no longer available.

The other must-have is a ceiling fan. We are that couple. This fan is also controlled by your phone so you can annoy the other person in the middle of the night if you want without getting out of bed or trying to find the lost remote. Love the black lines and it fits snug for our 8 foot ceilings.

You must have some romanic details. A few photos of you from the wedding, an engagement picture and some dreamy drapes. (do they call them drapes anymore?) Curtains are simple white translucent and the hardware is from Pottery Barn.

Friendly reminder with curtains that linen is super wrinkly and you need to iron or steam before putting up please. You won’t take them back down to do that later.

Finally every master bedroom needs a zero gravity bed frame? A what?

Not one of those fancy dual beds select a comfort, but an actual bed frame that moves for you up, down and even vibrates. Yep I said that. We don’t use that feature but it does massage or suppose to. Here’s a version of the one we got. It’s worth a try! And you can use most mattresses and enjoy this feature for reading or watching the weekly series.

Super happy with my master bedroom progress and now on the hunt for pillows and nightstands. Stay tuned.

Sweet dreams!

-Tricia Jo