Lets Talk Rugs Today

I have to admit, I was hesitate in the idea of having to be loyal to one rug brand. Buying a separate backer that goes with certain rugs? But once I paired the design with the function I was hooked. There website has changed even the last year since I visited it with tons more options! I also have Luxury Vinyl Planks and there is only certain kinds of rugs and grippers that work. So be careful not to leave any rubber behind, stay safe with the Ruggable family of rugs.

We are a Ruggable family in our high traffic areas. Get 15% on TriciaJoOntheGo! http://rwrd.io/9ngtg76?c

Here’s the photos to prove it.

I like how this statements but also doesn’t overtake the room.

This 3 x 5 size is fine, I maybe would go a little larger but not regretting it. Again, this is our main entrance and don’t want it to overtake the room, as who uses the front door nowadays?

Traffic area needed more of a “pop” so went a bit more busy with this tribal look. I didn’t think about a runner but helps catch the dirt a bit more than just a traditional size. Sometimes when we think of runners, we think of the 90’s when every part of the kitchen and house need a runner, but in this case, I got over that and was glad I did.

Note with this one the white turns more off-white but don’t mind that. Also any black can turn more gray, but also don’t mind that.

Lastly is the alternative rug I bought for the front, but ended up putting it infront of the patio door in the dining. I do NOT have a rug under my table, don’t want one. BUT I was excited to see how this flowed nicely from the deck to the dining room sliders.

Feeling like a change? Get 15% on TriciaJoOntheGo! http://rwrd.io/9ngtg76?c

The biggest deal I have seen was 10% off so this beats it! I would also say, the return policy isn’t the best, you do have to pay to return. But free shipping, so think strategically and order the right sizes and spruce up your house.

Jump on their into the wash blog too!

Happy rugging!

Love spreading the knowledge that I know.

Your friend and realtor,

Tricia Jo