Fabulously Designed Walk-in Showers and My Party Bathroom

Walk-in showers…separate stand alone tubs, it’s all the rage! So what makes a great walk-in shower? Well it starts with reviewing the use-case of the room, the light and the location. Is this a darker room, master bedroom with tons of light or a basement guest bathroom that barely will be used.

1. Consult with me, your realtor and friend. I can help. That’s maybe why you’re reading this too.

2. Select a tile guy you trust and can get excited to be on his schedule. Hey an estimate and get on his job list, could be weeks…months or even 6+ months out!

3. Consider the room.

This shower has gray tones to be modern but yet simply timeless. Black tiles are trendy and more modern but will show water spots so having the floor tile dark with white grout consider your water.

Love how this feels like concrete without the cost and can be used in all areas of the home, up, down or main level.

Go frameless, it’s a thing and doesn’t cost a lot more but gives the room more of a designer and premium feel.

Rain shower is also just the way the plumbing is set up and it’s that much harder…have you ever had a rain shower? Thank me later.

Party shower anyone?

Ok, this bold and fun pattern isn’t for everyone but was chosen thoughtfully as this is the basement guest bath. It rarely is used yet is a design element to the lower level bath.

The graphic shapes can feel trendy but yet the soft white accents and gray floor balance this class-act.

Adding a bench is a must when able. Think old and young and a quick shave.

Add in towel hooks INSIDE the shower for maximizing space and function while guests could be staying while your hosting a party or gathering. Who wants their towel by the sink or behind the door? (Not me).

This party bathroom is at my own home, so I have it extra punch and we were happy with the rain shower addition and frameless look as it works great when Nana and Papa visit.

Remember the goal of the bathroom, stay inspired and learn from eachother!

Your friend,

Tricia Jo