Floors a Hot Topic, LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planks)

OK, many of my instagram posts are of Ryder, (my 3 1/2 year old son as I’m writing this blog post) and I get comments and cute posts about him—the other half of the time it’s what people are seeing in the background….including my floors.

I love my floors.

They are a LVP, (Luxury Vinyl Plank) and we have that installed (after the build) ourselves by a contractor because we wanted them EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere, entrance through the kitchen, living, dining, mudroom and even our powder room.

We chose EVOKE which has been around a long time. There are a lot of other brands and good ones. We got hooked on them because they are medium-high price range and liked that our installer liked the brand and it got good reviews from the sales reps in the half dozen places I went.

They CHANGE their website and selection, so the ones I liked 3-ish years ago aren’t even around!

Mine was FAYE and they no longer sell it online, but may find a few other places that carry. It actually has texture and when you feel it, it has small feel of wood to it, the groves are also detailed that look closer to real wood. (darker rather than lighter transitions).

Explore the colors now!

I remember liking Bradley, Joe…. (no those aren’t ex-boyfriends)

New brand within so check this out too. But don’t be fooled they are already water proof etc.

I mean you are going to spill, and WILL wipe it up, I just feel less crazy mom or friend if it sits for a few minutes, than on real wood or laminate where you have to run as fast you can to clean it up!

Just a quick tip to explore brands but if you need a starting point, happy to showcase mine for you!

Stop by anytime too! (5 minute warning is great) 🙂

Happy floor shopping!

Your friend,

Tricia Jo