Tailored Tweets

Did you know that Twitter crafts sponsored content based on your browser history? They say it so casual Tailor Twitter to your interests. I stumbled upon this while weeding through some of the new Twitter releases last week. There is an option to turn this off, and I was quick to want to uncheck-mark the personalization—then … Continue reading Tailored Tweets

Creative PR Matters

This creative content post came from Target Canada today. Just another reason why design within social space matters. A piece of good content can turn GREAT really fast and be worth sharing with some quick and sometimes simple creative thinking. Original Post on Facebook. Stay pretty tiara-wearing beauties, Tricia

Nacho Mama

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13. That means your mom, any new mothers, (including three of my best gal pals and their 3 sons) should be celebrated all the way up to those hip-old Grannies, (my Nanny Carole and Nanny Joan of course). To follow-up on my May Day Basket social post for the Cedar Floral … Continue reading Nacho Mama