Shake it up!

Just have to take a minute to share my latest Summer obession—the yard game Jackpot (aka YAHTZEE!) It's a simple handmade wooden dice game made by a talented Mom of 3 in Minnesota. Her little mobile store is called Simple Charm. Here is the breakdown on how this specific dice game set compares to the others: - SOLID Cedar … Continue reading Shake it up!

Lasik a Second Time

#LeftEyeLeanger was my self-proclaimed nickname after leaving Whiting Eye Clinic last week—I had an eye enhancement just 4 months after my 1st Lasik Eye Surgery procedure. I was part of the 4-5% of all Lasik patients that have to enhance right after the surgery. Leaving the office 24 hours after the 1st surgery with 20/15 … Continue reading Lasik a Second Time