Snow to Sand

Excited to announce to my friends + followers that we have found our wedding location and have the wedding date! Steve and I will be going from the Minnesota cold to the beaches of Los Cabos, Mexico to get married on Friday, November 15, 2013. We are excited about our adventure this year and can't … Continue reading Snow to Sand

Cold Feet

The winter chills has set-in here in Minneapolis. The snow came later than normal and now the cold temperatures have greeted us all through-out almost day in February. (Did I just open my blog post with talking about the weather?) The snowless day of November 30th will be forever marked as my engagement day. How … Continue reading Cold Feet

Pin that.

Ok, I'll admit it my new addiction is Pinterest! Fun, easy way to organize your thoughts and random LIKES. Please don't judge. Today I used it for some quick lunch shopping. Got to explore fashion picks and trends that designers had posted before heading to the store. Then I organized them into BOARDS "Things that … Continue reading Pin that.