Who’s this gal?

I was born in Alexandria and grew-up between Evansville, MN and Green Bay, WI (that’s a town of less than 400 and huge metropolis city of cheeseheads).

My parents, younger brother and sister and I lived in a different house together every year until I was in Junior High (1 year we moved 3 times). I learned a lot about nesting from my talented mom because every place we moved big or super small, we made it our home.

Started in Real Estate at the age of 15 working at a locally owned and operated Century 21, I quickly learned that marketing homes and being a people connector was naturally my passion. I earned my Bachelor of Science for Digital Design on the Lake in Bemidji MN, where I stayed every Summer but left before that last bitter Winter, finishing in 3 1/2 years my 4 year degree—eager to jump into the business world of course!

I have visited a new city (or seven) every year since I was 13 and am a curious traveler, wanting to live like a local and dive into the water and new experiences.

I’m a 4th generation entrepreneur on the edge of the millennial age group—watch out world! 

Joy comes from helping others and being the connector of the connected. Every day I’m learning, challenging the data and facts, finding others to learn more from and with. I believe there is a partnership when I take on a new client, it is NOT just a statement of work or contract—life is way too short to be doing just a good job, I strive to do the best job and create ever-lasting relationships.

This blog is started when in the midst of my career and a central hub of ideation and experiences. I’m social online and off, so the blog name Social Type just fits me (ask my husband Stevo).

Take what you want from my posts. Laugh, get inspired, point fingers, judge if you must but this blog is just me. The Social Type. 

Tricia Jo on the go


Photo below from 2015 when I obtained my real estate license.tricia_leanger_smaller

Your Realtor and Tricia Jo on the go 2020

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